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Our Golden Comeback!

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

4th Issue April 2022

MIS Academy made a remarkable venture from all the events and courses that was accomplished back-to-back from the last year to its present. Especially right after the 8th edition of Winners Meeting while managing its 2-Master Series Courses, MIS Academy used every bit of its resources to execute the 7th edition of ENDO Dubai that was held on February 24, 25, and 26 this year. 120+ experts around the globe were invited to give an opportunity to share their specialties to thousands of doctors and surgeons who attended onsite and online, worldwide.

A “Golden Comeback” is the word we can describe on how being successful the congress was, despite of all the unfortunates happened from the hotel to technical issues, MIS Academy keep its composure to ensure the success of the ENDO Dubai 2022 and to provide a high-quality scientific congress about Minimally Invasive Surgery.

On its 8th edition, ENDO Dubai 2023 will keep the date of February 24, 25 and 26 with multiple good choices of venues in Dubai. Program and other exciting updates to its concept will be published accordingly to all its channels and audiences. Be updated by subscribing to and by following all its social media accounts.

Winners Meeting 2021

MIS Academy did another comeback in hosting an international congress last year, the Winners Meeting with its new concept of “being together again” that was held on November 4, 5, and 6, 2021. Prof. Arnaud Wattiez and Dr. Rudi Campo initiated to invite everyone to come in Leuven, Belgium to experience again everyone’s presence as it was the 1st onsite congress of MIS Academy since the pandemic.

Everyone’s competencies was an absolute remarkable as new faces from different countries made the 8th edition more special than usual as there are online participants who also compete live onsite. Memories of the past meeting made this edition more meaningful and unforgettable, specially with the last lecture of the 1st day “how became a Prof” of Prof. Arnaud Wattiez. He ended the lecture with an expressive yet emotional phrase “you made me a prof”.

What is the secret of success?

Successful and meaningful projects can be seen from the people who work hard behind the scenes. We gathered all the good characteristics such as perseverance, commitment, creativity, teamwork, and consistency which was contributed by each diverse and talented individuals that created this exceptional team.

Throughout the years, the team, currently known as “The Filipino Mafia,” was able to organize, execute, and settle astonishing projects. These projects helped the delegates gain scientific knowledge from the valuable lectures and practical activities that the experts, healthcare professionals, and partners that we are in collaboration have provided. Apart from all the achievements and success they established, the team also encountered hardships on their journey. However, despite the setbacks that they have experienced along the way, they were still able to recover from any adversity they faced and endured.

These accomplishments came from the leadership, synergy, and efforts that everybody has devoted. Also, one of the reasons is that the team believes that success should always start with a vision. A clear vision provides a big-picture perspective and inspires productivity, which allows the team to effectively pour their heart and soul into helping the company to fulfill the dream and accomplish the mission.

This is only the beginning of the continuous list of noteworthy projects that the team will bring to the world of minimally invasive surgery through MIS Academy. The Filipino Mafia never ceases to amaze and innovate, not only to their mentor but to everyone who they have already collaborated with and to the future ventures of MIS Academy.

You know what they say. “Great minds discuss ideas”

Let’s hear yours at

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