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MIS Academy brings together world-renowned experts and medical authorities to help gynecologic surgeons continuously improve their surgical practice.



One of the most critical and difficult acts in laparoscopic surgery is the knot-tying and suturing techniques. The knots performed laparoscopically must be as safe as the ones performed traditionally.

Comprehensive overview of the different techniques of suturing and provide you with practical tips to improve your skills



Courses are based on the European Academy of Gynecological Surgery standards. Successful completion is recognized by a certificate in Endoscopy, Bachelor or Master depending on prior experience.

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With the situation around the word due to the pandemic, we have launched a new way to continue your surgical education and trainings.



ENDO Dubai is a leading scientific event in the field of gynaecological surgery, endorsed by the Dubai Health Authority and Shaikh Hamdan Award for Medical Sciences.

The Congress welcomed more than 600 gynaecologists, general surgeons, endocrinologists, internal medicine practitioners as well as health administrators and legislators from around the world during 3 days.



This master class is a unique opportunity for

a full immersion in the world of Office Hysteroscopy with the pioneer of this  technique.

The faculty will take you through all the technical details of the instrumentation,
showing you the tips and tricks you need to know to improve your skills.



This master class has been designed to offer a comprehensive and detailed overview of anatomy relevant for endoscopic surgery in order to help you improve your practice.

Leading experts in laparoscopic  gynecological surgery all aspects of the anatomy that are important for a safe practice of endoscopy.



This master class offers a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to help you increase safely your level of laparoscopic practice.

The program has been specially designed to allow you to further improve your mastery of
laparoscopic gynecological surgery and acquire advanced techniques.

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