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3rd Issue August 2021

MIS Academy prepared plenty of courses this year to secure our mission in improving surgeons, doctors and nurses’ skills through meaningful innovation of Minimally Invasive Surgery. Claiming that this will be “Your place to master Minimally Invasive Surgery”.

It is the simplest distillation of MIS Academy promise that encapsulates all the features and benefits you will gain during each event and courses of MIS Academy. We make sure that you will experience a meaningful difference, not only mattering the development of your skills and knowledge but the assurance of giving every patient the access to the benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Our courses that matters change

to you and your patients.

Our Unique Master Courses

Upcoming Events of MIS Academy

"You know what they say. “Great minds discuss ideas”

Let’s hear yours at

904, Damac XL Tower, Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE.

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