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Facing New Challenges with a smile

1st Issue June 2021

Four months after the ENDO 2021, our team planned to set a goal and aim for more new courses for surgeons, doctors and nurses who wants to improve their practices. We know everyone are against all odds this past year because of Covid-19 but we did not stop innovating our way of teaching. We have been doing just that while building our goals and doubling them up with our perseverance and teamwork.

We made our courses to be more interactive online, so that our students can access the benefits of learning the procedures & techniques of Minimally Invasive Surgery.” -Prof. Arnaud Wattiez

Creating the new MIS Academy experience

during responsibilities.

MIS Academy team made new changes to its brand. We made the new MIS Academy experience based from the words of our dearly founder;

“it is very important to develop, teach and train doctors to new techniques. So that every patient can access to the benefit of Laparoscopic Surgery.”

We believe that our brand is the sum of the experiences of doctors with MIS Academy. In simple terms, the perception of our brand is what doctors think when they hear the name MIS Academy, interact with us or experience one of our propositions. Like all perceptions, this can change over time; it is not carved to stone. It is built up as a result of numerous encounters, across many of our channels over time.

We will be more consistently relevant and inspiring at all times, in every event and

situation. After all, our brand is our reputation.

Sharing skillful knowledge

that matters to patients’ lives.

Together with all the courses, activities, and events we organized, MIS Academy brings new courses for this year by providing a catalog with all the list of our courses and services.

We are claiming that this is the place to share passion of all experts across the world to guide doctors access the improvement of Minimally Invasive Surgery. That is why our team commits to provide incomparable scientific experience to doctors that solves their

insufficiencies by providing specific topics and clinical scenarios in Minimally Invasive Surgery.

This is not an announcement, but MIS

Academy will be louder than usual.

Yes! we are requesting everyone to share the word of MIS Academy, we will be more louder than usual on all of our Social media, partnered hospitals, sponsored events and some other channels that includes you. We are developing our communication around the globe to spread our mission. And, that will not be successful as it is, without everyone’s communication and participation.

"You know what they say. “Great minds discuss ideas”

Let’s hear yours at

904, Damac XL Tower, Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE.

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