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2nd Issue July 2021

MIS Academy announced its first onsite course after almost half a year ago of holding-off onsite courses because of pandemic restrictions. This onsite course has been designed to offer an advanced and detailed overview of laparoscopic suturing in order to help them improve their practices. With over 10 participants joined, they believed that despite the stress of travel restrictions, the course is worth the effort. One trainee from Portugal says that it would be easier for her to have stayed at home but she still forge ahead despite the tons of travel guidelines. She also quote that the course was very enriching and undoubtedly improved her skills and given her new tools to keep on learning and practicing.

More onsite courses to come

MIS Academy up-coming courses are now available to book onsite. But of course, we developed these courses to be suitable also for those who cannot come due to travel restrictions. That is why we explored on how we will make our courses more practical for all.

“We mixed online and onsite

for better diverse learning.”

MIS Academy discovered the advantages of remote learning. That is why we worked proactively to provide an innovative concept of medical education by providing a mix onsite and online courses or what we call Hybrid.

Hybrid courses of MIS Academy extends the benefits of any of our hands-on training program. A more interactive and diverse experience while giving you the freedom to choose where to learn, if online or onsite.

We have already planned 7 Hybrid Courses for the year of 2021-2022. These Courses are Hysterectomy, Fibroid, Urogynecology, Office Hysteroscopy, and Operative Hysteroscopy. Also introducing the Master Certificate Courses which are Master in Surgical Management of Deep Endometriosis and Master in Science of Anatomical Landmarks. Recognized and accredited by the The European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery and European Society for Gynecological Endoscopy (ESGE)

Your one stop to master

Minimally Invasive Surgery

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