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One of the most critical and difficult acts in laparoscopic surgery is the knot-tying and suturing techniques. The knots performed laparoscopically must be as safe as the ones performed traditionally.

Over the 2 levels of suturing course (BASIC & ADVANCED),  the faculty will give a comprehensive overview of the different techniques of

suturing including intra and extra corporal knots and provide you with practical tips to improve your skills.

With 40% theory and 60% practice for clinical application, this master classes will give you the opportunity to put knowledge into

practice and increase your mastery of suturing techniques.


Dr. I. Argay (Hungary) & Dr. B. Amro (UAE)

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5 Days Course with Dr. Istvan Argay & Dr. Bedaya Amro

Date: November 22 to 26, 2021
Time: 16:00 to 19:00 (GMT+4) Dubai Time

Venue: Zoom


  • ​Members have discounted price

  • Basic Suturing Lectures

  • Exclusive Proctorship and Guidance

  • Live Interactive & Virtual Hands-on Sessions

  • High Quality Training Materials -Pelvic Trainer, Model, Sutures, Etc.

  • Optional Purchase of Needle Holders at special rate of $150

  • Pathway to (L1) Bachelor Certification

  • Shipping Fee Included

  • Training Materials Are Acquired PERMANENTLY 

  • Gathering the best of online & on-site education

  • Bringing the surgical education at the comfort of your home

Pre-Requisites for the Basic Course:

please make sure to have taken either of the following:

  • All laparoscopic surgeons are welcome to register to this course.


Review and practice the fundamental concepts and theories of Stitching

Review and practice the principles and techniques of Knotting

Explore the clinical applications of suturing in gynecology

Learn how to face the difficulties of surgery

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BOTH Courses

Prepare yourself for Certification in

Suturing skills (SUTT1 and SUTT2)

Mastery of suturing skills

Clinical Application

Certificate of Attendance

CME Credits

Advanced ONSITE

2 Days Course with Dr. Istvan Argay & Dr. Bedaya Amro

Date: April 23 & 24, 2022
Venue: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  • ​Members have discounted price

  • Advanced Suturing Lectures

  • Live Interactive & Hands-on Sessions

  • Exclusive Proctorship

  • Live demonstration

  • Advanced Hands-on exercises on models

  • Pathway to (L2) Master Certification

  • Gathering the best of online & on-site education

Pre-Requisites for the Advanced Course:

please make sure to have taken either of the following:

  • Validated level 1 of GESEA

  • Did a Basic Online Suturing Course

  • Did an onsite Suturing Course /Dubai Academy Site


OR Please contact us to evaluate if you are qualified to register.
If you are not qualified based on the above list, you may attend the Basic Course instead.