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Get the benefits of both on-site & online education

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With the sudden arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, live courses with hands-on exercises on a pelvic trainers with two participants per working station, had to be interrupted as it did not comply with the distance rules between the expected participants.


So the 3 days of a basic course for 8 hours for a total of 24 hours of practical course had to be reconsidered for an effective training alternative that could respect the rules. Because of this, we thought of live courses with people complying with the distancing rules and online courses.


Based from the experience of a good result, the courses can be reached with two presidential courses (Practical + Advanced course) for a total of 48 hours.


The On-line course will absolutely have from 48 to 72 hours of course / contact with the participant.


The classes would have special structured program that is best for your surgical training.


The program includes 3 months of suturing and knotting techniques plus three months of Loading the needle and Stitches.

The Knot Tying  technique will be done with right hand in lateral access and left hand in lateral access; right hand on suprapubic access and left hand in lateral access; gladiator technique performed with bimanual technique. All blocking sequences will be studied and performed during the meetings with the tutors.

Assessment tests will be done during the meetings.

The last week of the month there will be a 2-hour meeting with the coordinator to run tests together.


Each month the coordinator will make a theoretical and  3 days practical course showing the exercises of that month in order to repeat them at home. The course of the month lasts 3 days all afternoons and will last 4 hours a day for a total of 12 hours .

Every week there will be meetings"meet the expert" and online in separate rooms you can show the exercises and any errors to be corrected. These meetings will last 2 hours. Each month the lessons, course + practice (Hands ON) will last 18 hours for three months they become 54 hours for 6 months 108 hours of on-line course. In the final three months the topics regarding the loading of the needle on the needle holder performing easy stitches, difficult stitches will be done  with right hand in lateral position; suprapubic; and left hand in lateral position;


At the end of the first three months of the course the student is given the option to withdraw by paying a penalty of 50% of the registration cost. (The half of the registration of the last three months already paid is returned.

Suturing Private Class #1

Standard Package

6 months Duration

$ 5,000

Suturing Private Class #2

Standard Package Plus Meet & Greet With Dr. Armando Romeo

6 Months Duration

$ 5,500


Suturing romeo gladiator KIT

In this course, you will have intensive educational course program in Suturing designed by one of the best expert in this specific field for 6 months duration with Lectures, Exclusive Proctorship, High Quality Training Materials, Hands-On Exercises, and many more!. 


The Standard Package Includes The Following:
- Exclusive Guidance of Dr. 
   Armando Romeo
- High Quality Training 
- Small Gladiator, LapBox 
  pelvic home trainer
- 1 WEB video camera
- 1 tape rod for camera
- 1 Camera support
- 1 tube 1.5 cm in diameter
- LED lights
- 1 reel 50 mt suture free 
- Thread (multifilament)
- 1 silicone PAD model
- 3 trocars
- Shipping Fee
- All Training Materials Are 

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

At the end of the course, you will be able to apply all your learnings on your daily surgical practice. 


Participants can have an on demand meeting with the course coordinator for a more detailed presentation of the course program and also have a meeting with all the tutors who will follow the practical lessons and hands on.

A video will be placed with a presentation of the parts of the course and of the teaching staff.


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