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“The importance of the first trimester
as window to pregnancy”


The first trimester is an important window to the pregnancy. Therefore, screening for infectious diseases, the risk for PET and premature delivery is a goal of modern obstetric care.

In addition, high-resolution ultrasounds enable the evaluation of the normal and abnormal fetal anatomy.

This conference will focus on the various screening programs in the first trimester and with hands-on ultrasound practice.

Participants will broaden their knowledge and gain some experience in clinical work.

Why attend?:

One of the most critical and difficult acts in obstetrics is detecting any issues during the first trimester of pregnancy. The screening process must be accurate and safe to properly evaluate patients. Introducing the updates in today’s daily practice.

With a combination of theory and practice for clinical application, this conference will give you the opportunity to put knowledge into practice and increase understanding as well as gain some experience in clinical work.

The program contains high-level scientific and technical information which will provide clinical awareness on how to take care of the first-trimester pregnancy. Therefore, expectant mothers who are familiar with the technical procedures and wanted to broaden their knowledge are also welcome to attend. 


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Types of Access:

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Dedicated Live Clinical Demonstration for Onsite Attendees:

This access will involve patients to be examined using equipment for demonstration of various aspects in 2D and 3D fetal anatomy including echocardiography and doppler to be performed by the experts.


US machines will be used to showcase accurate tutorials and take advantage of the interactive Q&A discussion with the experts to discuss the procedures which were demonstrated.


This session will provide extensive knowledge for the participants and patients to enhance their skills in monitoring "THE IMPORTANCE OF THE FIRST TRIMESTER AS WINDOW TO PREGNANCY"

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